Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version APK Download 2021

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Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version APK Download 2021 is the widely useful messenger in the world. Whatsapp MOD APK latest version is available on our website. Whatsapp is mainly famous for its privacy setup. Privacy of Whatsapp includes an end to end encryption. Any third party can not read or see any private chat between the two conversational persons; no one can search your private group until you add any person. 

Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version

gives you many extra features as it gives you help to recover the deleted chats. It also allows you to stop sharing pictures or any other links that you do not want to be shared. One of Fouad Whatsapp Latest Version is GB Whatsapp. You can get this app from the link we provide or from any other platform. It is mainly easy to use and gives you many extraordinary features. It is easy to customize its setting in Fouad WhatsApp latest version. 


Fouad whatsapp anti ban

You can easily anti-ban the chats and deleting messages. You can also recover the deleted chats and ban the messages from any specific person or anti-ban the person from messaging. In short, it gives you many times more extraordinary Whatsapp features with which you can use amazing features, and you can also shock your friends by telling them their private or deleted messages recovering.  

Easy to Use

Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version is straightforward to use. You can even use it more easily than the main Whatsapp application. It is easy to use in all ways, but some of them or given below:- 

  • first of all, you can create an account by simply following the steps given in the application’s instructions.
  •  Second, you can set up your settings, profile, and privacy in straightforward steps.
  • Third, you can even search your contacts and message them.

Live preview of color changes

You can even see the live preview of color changes on Whatsapp, and you can also set a color fixed. Fixed color is applied in chat background and main page background. You can easily change your profile and change the background images simply by following the simple steps:-

  • Click on the top right corner three dots and go to setting.
  • Goto wallpaper setting, select the wallpaper, and save it.
  • Now your wallpaper is changed.

Hide media from your phone gallery

Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version gives you the best feature, which I am going to mention here. You can hide your gallery files in this Whatsapp version. It hides your private Pictures, videos, chats, etc… It also hides your important PDF files. Now you don’t need to be worried about your privacy because it is just one click away, and you can also access your friends’ privacy and give them a shock by telling them their secrets. 

Fouad whatsapp pics


Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version APK Download 2021

Fouad Whatsapp give you many features. Many features we discussed above but some new features we know here.

Download WhatsApp Status Fouad Whatsapp

Whatsapp apk not gives you a ability to download whatsapp status. Many friends download third party application that is not good for mobile. But Fouad WhatsApp gives you a best feature to download whatsapp status.

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