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Screen lock time password is a lock for android mobile. Its changes when time change. usually, a person cant shows his/her password to anyone. But in some cases, they forced to tell the password. So that time Time Password lock is good for everyone. Current time password is useful for all android mobile lock.

How Screen Lock Works

Are you worried about your password? Today I give you the Best android mobile lock screen. The lock time password is for you. when you install it on your mobile and complete its primary settings. It works.

Screen Lock - Time Password APK Download

You can make your phone current time password you no one guess your password.

New features of Screen Lock – Time Password

  1. Cool lock Time password for iPhone users
  2. Support on almost every android mobile
  3. Fully Customisable
  4. Highly secure lock Screen
  5. One of the best android Time Password
  6. You can put your name or your Girlfriend’s name on the lock screen.
  7. Hide and Protect Photo Images And videos with the help of Time Password Lock. Photo image files and videos only show when the current time entered in the password.

All Features Screen Lock Time Password

  1. You can customize the wallpaper of your mobile screen.
  2. you can ally full HD wallpaper from your mobile gallery.
  3. Unlock your mobile with the sound or you can disable this feature.
  4. Vibration feature availbe in this Time Password Apk
  5. 100% Safe and secure Screen lock.
  6. From this application you can choose your own screen lock
  7. Current passwprd it is default time password e.g time is 01:32 then password is 01:32
  8. You can choose your own lock if you want to set your screen as date password then current date is your password.


How to Open Hiiden Time password screen lock 2021?

Go to settings > applications > and choose you application > and change itno un hide this lock screen password



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